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How To Make The Atkins Diet Work For You
If you are overweight or obese, you have probably heard all the reasons for losing weight. Perhaps the doctor has mentioned that you will feel better and be healthier if you weigh less. He or she has probably told you that it will prevent certain disorders and diseases such as sleep apnea, depression, diabetes and heart disease.   You know...
Why Intermittent Fasting Works
Health crazes may come and go, fad diets will rise and fall, but the basics of weight loss will never change.   Fasting, even for a short period of time may sound alarming to those who haven't had a chance to see the research. However, avoiding glucose intake for even twelve short hours can provide a plethora of benefits. Many...
Using a Food Journal to Aid With Healthy Weight Loss
The term "healthy weight loss" is often used to relay the message of losing weight the right way; however, it is not always understood. Healthy weight loss isn't fast, it isn't dramatic and it takes more than a short-lived commitment. Healthy weight loss includes a lifestyle change, not just a change in your diet for a few months.   Losing...